Monday, April 9, 2018

Welcome to our Newest Members: Janie Evans and Robert Archer!

Hello there, from Janie and Robert,

We currently live in Cool, California with our 2 cats, Charlotte and Mickey. We have 2 daughters, Sarah and Elizabeth, and 2 granddaughters, Madeline and Elise, both of whom live in the San Francisco Bay area. We love to visit with them and their families, and are going to miss them when we move to Iowa City.

Before Cool, we lived in Berkeley, CA where we raised our girls, and moved to the Sierra Foothills when Robert retired from his social work career in 2000. After we moved, Robert resumed social work with another county, and Janie continued her optometry work.

We are very active in our congregation, Sierra Foothills Unitarian Universalists, most recently Janie on the Social Justice Committee and Robert on the Adult Religious Education Committee.

Some of our favorite activities include hiking, road trips, gardening and babysitting our granddaughters.

We hope to move in to Prairie Hill in 2019!

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