Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Children in Cohousing

One of our member mothers has chosen the seven links below, all of which give personal experiences with children in cohousing environments. We at Prairie Hill are eagerly seeking more families with children to add to our membership. More about cohousing and families coming soon to the blog.

In this one by Sarah Lozanova ( ):
A mother shares the ecological and environmental advantages of cohousing, and how she will make adaptations for her family of four to comfortably live in 900 sq ft.

A single mom of one and a married mother of three share their own stories in the context of the benefits of cohousing for moms and families.

The article ends with Six Defining Characteristics of Cohousing. 
A cohousing community in Seattle shares the experience of "recreating the village," why families join cohousing, the co-parenting process in community, and the challenges and benefits of living in community.

Brief blog entry (with photos) on how children benefit from living in cohousing
Salt Lake City area newspaper article on local cohousing that includes quotes from residents, history of cohousing, and how the layout of the houses promotes community interaction.

A wonderful video made by kids in cohousing to show what it is like to live in cohousing.

A slideshow of photos of kids in cohousing AND links to more articles about kids in cohousing.

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