Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Change Is Coming!

Change means:
  • to make or become different
  • to make or become a different substance entirely; to transform
  • to alter in terms of, i.e. "the ferns began to change shape"

We live in times of rapid change. Change has become so much a part of our culture that it taxes even the most agile of us. If we don't nurture a capacity for flexibility, our sense of wellbeing can be severely threatened. Feeling secure and somewhat in control of our lives and our immediate surroundings is a basic human need. One way to address this need is to hold tight to the current situation. It might not be perfect, but at least we're used to it! Another approach is to look at different scenarios that provide better support for ourselves and our families, then take a deep breath, and decide to make a big change that puts us in a better place.

One characteristic that probably exemplifies all of our Iowa City Cohousing members is the capacity to make a large change in their way of living. These individual decisions may have been motivated by the need to live more sustainably, to lessen our contribution to the planet's ecological crisis, to live in a cooperative community with more than the immediate family, to downsize our homes, or all of these factors together. Everyone feels a yen for change sometimes. But if that desire is not strong enough to risk real disruption in our life, that inner nudge toward change remains just an idea. The need for something different has to be strong enough to cut through our natural inertia.

Our current group of 14 families have overcome the resistance to change and made the big leap. We've committed ourselves to creating a thriving, beautiful, inspiring community on a wonderful piece of land. We've been working at this for what seems like a very long time! Years. Learning patience and keeping up our spirits has been necessary since the process of completing such a big project is complex and can drag out.

But finally, we are ready to begin! We have received the construction loan (the last big hurdle) and our contractor is ordering materials to begin the infrastructure. We're grateful to our engineers for all the work they've done on this project over the years and for continuing to advise us. And grateful to our architects for continuing to adjust and refine. We members are also grateful to each other for sticking with this project through thick and thin, and we are ready to celebrate! Stay tuned to find out about a ground-breaking ceremony in the near future. And in the meantime, keep your eyes on that sweet piece of land off Miller Avenue.

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