Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Groundbreaking Ceremony Pictures

At the groundbreaking ceremony on November 13th, cohousing members, neighbors, friends, family and prospective members gathered to celebrate. Excitement was running high under a sunny sky, the hillside green, the markers for future buildings showing above the grass. It was easy to imagine life at Prairie Hill in just a few months: morning beverages in the commonhouse coffee nook, sharing rides to cultural offerings in the city, cultivating flowers and vegetables in small kitchen gardens or in the large ones above, bicycling around the neighborhood, and living a life more ecologically sound than private homes could provide. It is the birthing of a new lifestyle, at least in this city. But maybe just the wave of the future...

  John Thomas, city councilor and friend of Iowa City Cohousing, talks to us of the journey we've come and the importance of Prairie Hill in Iowa City.

 Member Scott Roser tells about how cohousing embodies his values and especially now these values are important to live in our personal lives.

And then we break ground!

And again!

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