Sunday, May 29, 2016

A New Book about Sustainability in Eating

One of our newest members, Marcia Shaffer, has submitted the following post about a project that she's been working on for several years. What she doesn't say is that this book was her idea, and she has pursued it with undaunted dedication. It will be fun to see it completed! It's title is Taste a Little of the Summer, from Greg Brown's song "Canned Goods", and it is truly a local collection of wisdom!

A much anticipated book written by some cohousing members and supporters will soon be published. The idea for the book sprang from discussions at the Earth Care Working Group which promotes solutions to environmental problems. The focus for this book is eating locally, not only in the summer but year around. The reason we focused on this is the disconnection between the people who grow our food and the person eating it. There are huge transportation costs in bringing our food to us, and we have no control over the food between the time it is grown and the time we buy it at the grocery.

In our book there are articles by over 30 people who have learned how to live more gently on the earth. Some people have learned tricks to growing fruits and vegetables. Other people have learned how to preserve fruits and vegetables for winter consumption. The book also includes some favorite recipes for using what has been preserved. Reading between  the lines, you will find the pride and satisfaction our authors have in eating locally grown food.


  1. Sure, you can pre-order a copy. But we don't know how much printing costs will be yet, so can't tell you the price. Certainly we'll try to make it as inexpensive as possible, without impinging on quality.