Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Work Day on Prairie Hill

On Memorial Day, cohousing members came together to work on some projects at our building site. One task was to carry logs from the cleared site up to the top of the property, the area where our future gardens and orchards will be. These logs will be used for benches, play equipment, fences and lining paths.

Mary Beth's Birthday Cake

Another project was to mark some of the building locations. This was done with bamboo poles topped with white flags. The location of the commonhouse, the northwest stacked flat, and the duplex south of that stacked flat are now all marked off. Also marked are the corners of the townhouses and the most easterly stacked flat. It is great to be able to better visualize the layout of our community. In contrast to looking at a flat map, we can now stand just where each building will be on the actual land, take in the relative height of each and appreciate the different views.  

Dame's Rocket in our patch of woods

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  1. The celebratory "blondies" were in recognition of both Mary Beth's Bday in May and Michael's this week.

    Michael ate Mary Beth's share ;-)