Monday, January 16, 2017

Model of the First Stacked Flat (Fourplex) We Are Going to Build

Thanks to member John McGonagle, we have another model to see, this time of our first stacked flat building. We will have four of these buildings, three of them set into the hillside so that the upper floor also will have a walk-out entrance, one building all above ground so the top floor will be reached only by an inside stairway. There are four units in these "fourplexes", two on the bottom floor and two on the top floor. As you see on this particular building, there's a shared covered porch across the front, plus each unit has it's own private entrance as well: the lower two to the outside ends, the upper two on the back. It is so wonderful, especially for the people waiting to move into these units, to see these in three dimensions! Thanks, John!

View of the front (main south entrance with porch)

View from southeast

View from southwest

View from east

 View from west

North view, showing walk-out entrances on top level

Another straight-on view of top entrances

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