Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Scale Model of our Future Commonhouse

View from the Southeast

View from the Northwest

In the first view above, you see the entrance to the lower floor which holds the common areas: large dining room, kitchen, lounge, coffee nook, activity room, laundry, children's room. As you drive into Prairie Hill, you'll look up to this view of the commonhouse.

In the second view (above) is the entrance to the second floor of the commonhouse, which includes four efficiency apartments (to be owned by members) as well as two guest rooms, the mailroom and office.

The commonhouse is one of the first two buildings to be built at Prairie Hill, for we place great value on the common features of our community. The existence of the commonhouse makes it possible for us to have smaller homes, not needing our own guest rooms, large areas for entertaining, etc.

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