Sunday, April 22, 2018

Earth Day at Prairie Hill

 Donna compresses new soil around one of the trees
we planted last fall along Miller Avenue.

 Nan fills a bucket with compost,
to spread around the street trees.

 David shoring up the heaped earth around trees to hold rainwater in.

Littered hillside before trash pick-up today.

 Satisfyingly clean hillside at the end of the day.

Dan Miller, delivering Troy-Bilt tiller that
he and Margaret are donating to Prairie Hill!

For now, the tiller will reside on the porch of the first stacked flat,
just down the hill from the gardens.

Probably it won't be long before
we'll  have a garden shed at the top of the hill
 and can keep it there.

 One nice thing about having it on the porch
 is that it has the option of an electric starter,
 and the outlet is right behind Dan here. 

We can't WAIT to till up our garden plot with this top of the line machine. 

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