Saturday, April 14, 2018

More Pictures and a Poem

Michele took these pictures this week:
Main second story door on common house is freshly painted! 

And right inside that door our mailboxes have just been installed. 

Up the hill a bit, progress is happening on the second duplex.

And here's a poem that Donna found, which seemed especially appropriate as we downsize and move into our new homes:

The New Life
by Kaye Starbird

Mrs. Otis has sold her house
which makes her various friends assume
that since she has an apartment now
she must be crowded in just one room;

But when I asked how it seemed without
her ancient, rambling country estate,
she gazed around at her rented home
and answered frankly, it seemed just great.

No roofs to mend,
no gardens to weed,
no cats or puppies or fish to feed.
"Why, I can leave on a minute's notice.
a lovely feeling." said Mrs. Otis.

So then I said (since I knew she planned
a trip abroad the following day)
I'd gladly do any household chores
she wanted done while she was away.

And Mrs. Otis replied, "How nice!
I rather hope, if you get a chance,
you'll feed the bird in my cuckoo clock
and water my plastic pansy plants."

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